Guys, you must earn N27 million per month to marry this slay queen

Twitter followers have mocked a young South African lady who made some demanding requests in hope to get married. Will she?

The slay queen tweeted her requirement on Sunday, February 25, 2018. She would have her future partner who must reside in either Pretoria or Joburg own an apartment and a personal business, drive a 2-door car and must be between the 21 to 29 age group.

Her tweet which has gathered quite a number of attention has received over a thousand comments. Some of these saw her followers direct witty remarks at her.

Using the hashtag, #FindLovewithKholi, other users submitted their expectation concerning prospective partners.

It was an opportunity for some to make outrageous requests. An individual named Christos for example who wants a partner who can pay for his school fees.

Similar situations have seen many youths, mainly women express a desire to marry wealthy partners.

This has served as a negative motivation for some male youngsters who have explored fetish means in a bid to deal with pressures introduced by women who are keen about living a luxurious life.

Yahoo boys murder their grandmother for money rituals

Two out of a group of four Yahoo boys have been apprehended by the police in Edo State while trying to dispose the body of their grandmother Grace Ovbiedo, who was killed for money rituals.

Their arrest was revealed by DSP Chidi Nwanbuzor, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), for Edo State, who mentioned that the force is in pursuit of two other accomplices.

The quartet, Dickson Oluka, Austin Enayi, Salaya Oluka and his brother Martins, who went on the run following the murder that occurred on Friday, December 12, 2017, received the instruction to murder the deceased after consulting a native doctor on how to become rich.

It was alleged that the group of wealth seekers tied a tortoise on their backs and smashed Ovbiedo's head on the wall.

This was based on a message they received from the priest who told them they can acquire their desire when a person close to them is killed.

According to many reports, this was confirmed by a family member who stated that the suspects executed the order as soon as they got home.


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