Nigerian woman begs ex-boyfriend to release her destiny [Video]

A young woman who is suffering from a strange ailment believes the man she dumped after he took her to Europe is behind her problems.

This woman believes a man she dumped is behind her afflictions

In the video, the lady narrates how her ex-boyfriend whom she named as Kelvin, an indigene of Edo State, has been behind her travails after he sold his family land and took her to Europe only for her to dump him for another man.

The lady who lamented how she has been spiritually afflicted by a strange ailment that has defied any form of cure is seen begging the said Kelvin to kindly forgive her and free her destiny so she could get healing and get things working for her.

According to her, she believes Kelvin has a hand in her affliction because she dumped him after he brought her to Europe because most of the places her family has taken her to, they have been alluded to him being the one behind her travails.

The lady also claimed to have spent a lot of money on the strange illness but has had no improvement, adding that everywhere her parents visited in Nigeria to prayer for her, they were told that Kelvin was behind her ailment.

She is heard saying in the video:

“I have been sick since 2011; my illness did not improve, neither did it deteriorate. I have been spending two days at home and two weeks in the hospital; in fact, I must be admitted to the hospital every month.

I take nothing less than 16 different tablets daily and even change my cream every month. Anywhere my family goes to pray for my health, they always tell them it is Kelvin, that the man that brought me to Europe is behind my sickness.

Then my family went to his parent’s house but they said my family was accusing them of witchcraft.”

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