Watch as Bishop baptizes church in their alcohol of choice

In just two months, the new church has over 500 followers

We’ve heard it all. Of a woman who married herself and then cheated on herself, of another who claimed on TLC that she fell in love with a particular wall in her neighborhood, of Kenyan women who are apparently having oral sex with their pet cats and now a Bishop who is baptizing his church followers in alcohol of their choice.

The video shared by the online magazine, Daily Sun, received quite a reaction from netizens as it shows the man move from one drinking tavern to another ‘preaching the gospel.’

In the video, Bishop Tsietsi Makiti in Gabola, South African justifies his decision to establish his new controversial church two months ago.

He tells a story of how Christ came to earth and noticed the people’s boredom. Apparently, he went on to instruct the people to bring their traditional beers so he could 'pray for them.'

We are yet to find what part of the Bible this is.

The church attendees and patrons of the various taverns Mr. Makiti visited were asked to bring their own beers so that the self-proclaimed Bishop could pray over them in the name of Jesus.

While the congregation sang a song with Sesotho lyrics “where do you want it”, bishop Makiti claimed, “If we pray for this alcohol, it makes it safe, so our bodies can consume something healthy. Hallelujah!”

Many continued to drink from their bottles while he continued with his summon.

He explained that the church was established to accommodate heavy alcoholics who have been turned away by traditional churches who are against drinking alcohol.

He declared at some point in the video that, “Jehovah created heaven and earth so we can enjoy it!”

He explained that the church is meant to attract alcoholics and baptize them with their drink of choice. So far the church has over 500 people.

Watch the video below


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