Jubilee Senator Isaac Mwaura under fire over Goldalyn Kakuya

KCPE star Goldalyn Kakuya is the new celebrity town.

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has come under fire for allegedly exploiting Goldalyn Kakuya by using her newfound fame to scale political heights. Netizens expressed that Kakuya should be allowed to celebrate with her fellow age mates and not ‘opportunists’ like the nominated senator.

Others felt that he was ‘stealing the limelight’ from the girl while others claimed that he was ‘exploiting’ the girl by using her to advertise his wife’s fashion line.

“Isaac Mwaura should stop this kind of caring. Is it infatuation? Goldalyn should be left to celebrate her victory with fellow pupils/peers, not attention seekers and opportunists like Isaac Mwaura.” PK Kasirim wrote with Jane Kasoha‎ adding “Isaac Mwaura stop stealing the limelight from the gal. U didn’t sit for the exam. U went for an elective post and failed miserably. Are u her new Aide de camp or wat. Tafuta kazi u help other albinos. This one has learned parents hupati kitu hapa.”

Ken Jackson haughtily added “Stop trying to gain mileage from the success of that girl. It is her hard work and efforts that made her number one not you” with Fredrick Odhiambo claiming that the Senator had over-celebrated the young girl.“Too much of something is poisonous..... Unaboo na hii story sasa, that girl has only a different skin colour, it not like she is from Pluto. Msitusumbue”

Others outrightly accused him of using the girl with Sammy Ataly opining that he was using the ‘innocent kid as his begging tool.’

Adhyamboh Nyarasemboh then pointed out at the Senator should give the young girl space.”Now, this why you were nominated? Leave that kid alone let her scale the heights chookeee.”


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