Gaza Gang’s latest move after Hessy’s chilling warning

It was a do-or-die situation for them.

Ahead of the burial of Mwane or Mwanii Hessy demanded that the gang returns an AK 47 rifle that they had which was government property, presumably once owned by a police officer.

He also declared that Mwane’s burial was illegal given that no burial permit had been issued before promising attendants drama galore if they went to the burial.

“ For those ones willing to attend his burial, expect more drama, 'own goals' inclusive. U know it’s always gud to speak the truth!” Part of the chilling message read.

Despite the frightening message the members promised to risk it all and attend the burial of their fallen comrade.

But they made a U-turn after considering that attending the burial posed a great risk. A move that  impressed Hessy who revealed that members of the Gaza Gang decided to forego the ceremony altogether.

“Teddy, Odinga and their squad skipped the occasion (Mwane's burial ceremony) that was attended by appropriately less than 200 pple: since ua not seen anywhere, we allowed him to be buried peacefully: I still insist that u return the guns in ua possession to the authorities, failure to do so, I can assure u, u will dance the tune coz ua hideout has been revealed nd ua movements being monitored very closely!!!!!!” He wrote.

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