The unique life of a woman who got pregnant without having sex

A Canadian woman Lauren blames a hypopituitarism condition as a reason for a lack of interest in sex.

At the age of 29, she got knocked up after seeking and finding a sperm donor. Her disinterest when it concerns kissing a man appears to be one of her striking features - this factor she attributes to hypopituitarism, responsible for her non-existent passion when it concerns having sexual intercourse.

Puberty came late as stated by Lauren in an interview with Canada VICE journalist, Sarah Berman who mentioned in a report that the Canadian woman is looking to find a name inspiration from the HBO hit series, "Game of Thrones".

"I’ve been kissed, very awkwardly. It’s not something I want to relive," says Lauren.

"I knew I was different from the beginning. I was born with hypopituitarism, which means my pituitary gland is not formed properly.

"It doesn’t send the right hormonal messages to the other glands in the body, like the adrenaline gland or the ovaries. Because of that, I have to take hormone replacements to even myself out.

"I’ve had it under control now for 29 years, so it’s not an issue now. But it was very obviously different because I was taking thyroid pills and taking a needle of growth hormones every day.

"Because of my pituitary gland, I went through puberty super late. I wouldn’t have gone through it at all without higher oestrogen levels.

"I really only started that because I was getting made fun of for being really flat chested, whereas everybody else was getting their boobs and everything at that point. That really sucked because it forced me to do something I wasn’t necessarily ready for," the expectant mom revealed.

She sometimes deals with issues relating to an urge for sex which sometimes make her imagine having a fling with a random person. But this feeling hardly lasts making her acknowledge that she is a lot different than others.

"Since I’ve been pregnant there have been a few times where I’ve felt like maybe it would be nice to have someone for that — to go out and have sex .

"Sometimes, out of curiosity, I think maybe I could try a random hook-up, but that feeling very quickly passes — I realise I’m not acting like myself," adds Lauren who also thinks dating is not for her.

Lauren is grateful she doesn't have to deal with a problem of acceptance among her peers. She has been able to find relaxation in discussing their sex lives without feeling pressured to share details about her zero sex life.


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