Where women go wrong when it comes to their house helps

Some of them are rude while others are simply lazy – the tales of house helps are known all too well but could it be their employer's fault?

One of them stole your money while the other one went to pay her boyfriend a visit and decided to take your child with them. Some of them are rude while others are simply lazy – their stories are known all too well.

This is not to bash all house helps however because there are some pretty good and loyal ones out there.

In fact when house helps are initially employed, they are like angels. Their food is amazing, the house is spotlessly clean and they are always on time.

A few months down the line and everything changes. House flies find a new habitat in your home, they start work two hours after they were supposed to and at this point you are better off sleeping hungry than eating their food. Why the sudden change though?

Honestly sometimes it can be the employer and there are a few things that employers do that can push their house helps start acting less angel like.

1.Talking bad behind their backs

One of the unassigned duties of a house help is to have all the 411 about every neighbor and whose wife is cheating on their husband in the estate. So when you do speak badly about them, there’s a 99.9 percent chance that they will find out about it and well things can probably go left from there.

2.You don’t treat them well

Overworking or treating any employee badly in whatever company can make them not only resent you but make them pretty unproductive – and this also applies to house helps.

They are human beings too and their voices matter too so take some time to put that into consideration.

3.Giving them too much freedom

As much as their voices matter as well, you shouldn’t allow your house helps to over step as well.

Too much freedom has proven to be very counteractive as well so allowing them to talk to your children in whatever manner or punishing your children in front of them, for instance can make them cross a line that they should not.

4. Providing an unconducive environment for them to work in

You can't expect your house help to make dinner that night when there aren't any simple ingredients to use for cooking.


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