7 things you should never do when visiting someone’s house

Leave your bad habits behind when visiting a friend's or family's house.

From those ones that show up unannounced to those that visit on particular days because they know you’ll be cooking their favorite meal.

While visitors are meant to feel at home, some of them take the meaning of that phrase too literally.

1.Criticize everything in their friend’s house

These are the guests that feel their opinions matter the most and you should feel honored that they are even offering it to you.

They will nitpick every little thing in your house that they don’t like and make sure they let you know what they would do instead.

2.Asking for the Wi-Fi password first

These type of guests make you wonder whether they genuinely came to visit you or they came to continue chatting up their latest catch on Tinder.

The minute they sit down, they ask for the Wi-Fi password because they don’t want their bundles to get done.

3.Not removing your shoes

Unless the host allows you to enter the house with your shoes on then you should remove them. Especially if you know your shoes will mess up their home.

4.Snooping around someone’s home without permission

Snooping around someone’s home without their permission is an invasion of their privacy. It is best to stay where you were situated in the house unless the host wants you to move somewhere else.

5.Turning down an offer for food

At least have a taste of the food. Your host went through a lot of trouble trying to make sure they cater to you and make you as comfortable as possible.

6.Showing up unannounced

It is important to give your guests a heads up when planning to visit them. Maybe they had other plans for the day but now have to cater to you instead.

7.Go empty handed

It’s courteous to go with a gift for your host compared to just going to their house empty handed.


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