Child dies in highway accident

People gathered at the scene were heard giving various analysis concerning the auto crash which killed a child.

This was confirmed in a video where a man was heard assessing the damage. The scene of the auto crash had people murmuring in choruses as they tried to process the loss. It was hard to ascertain if anyone survived the impact.

The car which was turned on its back had engine oil spilling from it. One of the people who visited the scene was seen gathering some luggage which likely fell out of the ride during the crash.

Christmas season in Nigeria is often associated with multiple car crashes, mostly as a result of the high number of people travelling to their hometowns for the holiday. Some make their journey in the dead of the night.

Though this offers a speedy movement due to lesser motorists on the road, environmental factors such as poorly lit roads and armed robbers make navigating a big risk.

The reckless attitude of drivers is also a point to be considered as one of the reasons why there are a lot of accidents on Nigerian roads even when it is not the holiday.

Some people have been observed to enjoy massive speed at the expense of their lives.

Traffic management agencies have not been able to implement safety measures expected to help curb rampant accidents.

For example, the attention on maintaining speed limits comes up often when discussing ways to prevent car crashes but there is no laid down mechanism targeted at bringing offenders to book.

Perhaps, when motorists start to see more seriousness in traffic management officials, they might consider buckling up.

For now, they need to get their acts together in time for a new year of safer roads I hope.


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