Murkomen blasts KTN over bizarre reporting

The Senator accused the station of reporting 'fake news'.

Taking the barb on Twitter, Mr Murkomen accused the Standard Group owned television channel of airing factually distorted reports, terming it fake news.

“Dog eating maize is not a sign of hunger. Besides how did the reporter know that the dog is a jungle dog? Let’s stop fake distorted news,” he tweeted.

Earlier, KTN had aired a story purportedly implicating that Kaptagat area was in dire need of food, w situation that forced dogs to eat roasted maize, and wondered how the situation could be for human in the area.

In a rejoinder, however, Mr Murkomen accused the station’s reporter of not having done due diligence to indeed verify that the dog in question was a jungle dog.

“We have are in the season of great harvest in North Rift. Kaptagat is a very rich area at this time,” he added.

Other users of the Twitter, in the comment section, accused KTN of failing to factually report on the matter.

“KTN Kenya why hide the truth while people are suffering call a spade a spade,” Ben Mutisya posed in a response to the spat.

“This reporter is a thoughtless alarmist. Dogs only eat maize where human beings have had enough of it. This is the problems of being brought up in Nairobi...clueless kids,” Ginny Simon tweeted.


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