5 embarrassing things every Kenyan family does when a guy friend visits

Have you ever experienced this?

It doesn’t matter who you’re with or where you are, they’ll always find a way to make you turn red in the most unlikely situations – we still love them though.

One situation that a lot of Kenyan families are known to do a little bit too much is when your guy friends come over.

If you’re a single woman and decide to invite some of your friends – including guys- over to a family function, then you’re definitely aware of these embarrassing habits.

1.Your family starts cramming up at the window trying to see who has come to visit

And they don’t even try to hide it.

The minute you go to greet your guests they’ll all be up in the window trying to see who’s come, how differently you’ll greet them and judge whether they like your friends’ style or not.

2.Your mum bombards you with questions about which one of them is your boyfriend

Once they make their way to the function, your mum signals you aside or to the kitchen to find out which of the guys that’s come over is your man.

You tell them that none of them is your man but she swears you hugged the one in the red sweater for a longer time than the rest of your friends.

3.Then they go ahead to try hook you up

As if forcing the ‘young man in the red sweater’ to be your boyfriend was not enough, she goes on to let you know why exactly you should date him and why she likes him.

“He’s seems like a very nice person and he's very respectful. You should give him a chance"

4.They try to fit in by trying out your different types of language

The worst part is when your parents try to fit in with your friends and try speak the way you guys do. They'll start throwing around different slang words and don;t even know what they are talking about and it just leaves you like:

What other ways do Kenyan families embarrass their loved ones.


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