A  Kenyan man working as a nurse in Henrico, Virginia, USA, has been charged with raping an elderly patient at a nursing home.

Thomas Ng’ang’a was arrested this past week and charged with felony rape.

Jonathan Hamilton, an administrator at Lexington Rehabilitation and Healthcare where the suspect worked says a coworker turned Ng’ang’a in after she caught him forcing himself on the victim reported KSN News.


Court records show the victim is 72-years-old woman. “You can imagine how sickened and shocked I was, we all were when we heard this,” Hamilton said.

“The fear, the trauma that somebody experiences when they witness an event like this is understandable,” explains Hamilton, “I am proud that she stepped forward and did the right thing.”

Hamilton insists Ng’ang’a had passed multiple background checks before starting at the facility six months ago.


Lexington is a small community where employees and residents consider themselves like family.

“We are traumatized at a certain level but I think this community in particular is a very close and loving community and we’re helping each other to get through this,” adds the nursing home Administrator.