The most annoying things all Kenyans love to say

Most annoying conversations Kenyans have

And Kenyans are guilty of them in spades.

Here are five most annoying conversations Kenyans have.

When the Kenyan is shocked that you know nothing

Kenyan: I saw that thing.

Me: What’s that thing?

Kenyan: *Gasp* You don’t know what that thing is?

When the Kenyan assumes you know everyone

Kenyan: So where are you from?

Me: Kiambu

Kenyan: Oh, do you know Mama Matilda. She works in…

When the Kenyan can’t understand why you do something they wouldn’t

Kenyan: So what do you like to do in your spare time?

Me: Reading and liste-

Kenyan: Who even has times for books any more?

When the Kenyan just want to be obvious

Me: Thanks for having me. I’m going to head out now.

Kenyan: Oh, you want to go?

When the Kenyan talks smack about something popular like it's the new black

Me: Have you seen the new episode of Game of Thrones.

Kenyan: I don't even watch it. It's so overrated.

Me: Then how would you...

Kenyan: I can't stand the way the fans go on about it


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