Judith Wandera, 24, was found guilty of defiling a 14-year-old class seven pupil by Principal Magistrate Joan Wambilyanga and is awaiting sentencing.

Wandera was accused of defiling the minor on various dates with witnesses lined up by the prosecution giving testimony against the woman.

Nyakundi Mukaya, a prosecutor told the court that medical evidence from specimens collected from the duo confirmed that the woman and the schoolboy were having an intimate affair.

Dropped out

He continued to state that the boy had been living with the accused for more than four months. The court heard that as a result of the affair, the minor dropped out of school and moved in with the accused before the boy was rescued by police officers.

“The boy was rescued on July 7, 2017 and the accused was arrested by police officers,” said Mukaya. After the recue, he said, the boy was taken to a correctional facility before he was released back to his parents.

Drug addict

Parents of the boy told the court that their son stopped taking school seriously after he met the woman and they sought the intervention of the police after the boy started living with her.

In her defense, Wandera said that she did not know that the boy was a minor adding that he was a drug addict by the time they met.

Wandera added that she could not establish the age of the boy because he was also a boda boda operator and only appeared “young when he came to testify”.