Woman gets eyeliner pencil stuck in her eye while doing make-up in a taxi

With the pencil still in her hand, she hit the seat in front and it stabbed herself in the face.

But the ride turned into a nightmare, when the driver rammed a pick-up truck in front, jolting the woman forward.

Eye ball

Miraculously, the make-up stick missed her left eye ball meaning her sight will be unaffected, according to medics who treated her.

However, the girl’s nose gushed with blood after she plunged half the pencil into her eye socket. Paramedic Thanabodee Sabbodi said the crash was “minor” and that the victim’s injury was caused by a ''freak accident'.

He said: “We received a call and there was one injured female with an eyebrow pencil inserted into her left eye.

Nose bleed

“She was in a lot of pain when we came but she could still talk to us and explain what happened.

“There was not a lot of blood but she had a small nose bleed.'' The girl was still conscious and taken to the Rajavithi Hospital where medics removed the pencil without any serious injuries.

Thanabodee added that the shocking accident should serve as a warning to women over the dangers of applying make-up in a moving car.


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