Man requests court to dissolve union with wife who threatened to burn him alive

The couple who were granted a request for a divorce accused each other of acts of infidelity.

The couple who have been married for a period of five years have had several cases of marital clashes bordering on accusations relating to infidelity.

According to the complainant, he no longer enjoy peace at his residence due to his spouse's unfounded suspicion and lack of respect.

“Adesola often threatens to pour a keg of petrol on me and set me ablaze.

“Whenever I go out and come back late, she will accuse me of being in the company of a woman. When I receive a call, she will say I am talking to my girlfriend and she will fight me.

“In fact, I can no longer talk to a woman again.

“My wife does not have regard for me. She always rains curses and abuses on me. Most times, she talks to me as if she is talking to her son," Johnson who fathers two children with the defendant told the court.

Adesola in her defense termed the complainant's allegation against her as false.

Her grievance concerns her estrange husband's persistent affiliation with other women. A factor that made her conclude that he was having an extra-marital affair.

She had no objection against the decision reached by the presiding judge Mr. Moses Akinniyi who ordered their separation following a conclusion that they are unfit to remain as husband and wife.


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