Judge approves marriage of pregnant 11-year-old girl to her rapist

She was repeatedly raped by both the church bishop and deacon

Sherry Johnson of Tampa said that she was only 8-year-old when the church bishop and deacon began having sex with her. She lived with her mother who was very poor and could not give her any lunch money.

Bishop calls

Every morning, Johnson when to her aunt’s house to ask for some money. Her aunt lived in the same house of the church bishop. One day, when she was just 8-years-old, the bishop called Johnson into his bedroom. He put her on his bed and raped her.

Johnson was confused and was not sure what had happened to her. She went to the bathroom to wash as she saw blood running down her legs. She told her mother about the abuse but Johnson was called a liar.

7 months pregnant

For the following three years, she was repeatedly raped by both the church bishop and deacon. One day, a nurse examined Johnson at school and noticed that the child’s abdomen was swollen.

She took some tests and confirmed that Johnson was 7 months pregnant.

Johnson’s mother demanded that the deacon marry her daughter. The three went before several judges but they refused to allow the marriage. Eventually, they found one judge that approved the child marriage.


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