Senator Omanga now blasts Miguna after bitter war of words with Babu Owino

Senator Omanga has turned her focus on Miguna Miguna after the Babu Owino spat.

Things got uglier on social media with insults, threats of rape and shocking violence levelled at Millicent by Babu’s supporters. A situation that got so heated that Omanga was forced to pull down the post.

However, she was back for more with a provocative post aimed at Miguna who she accused of displaying a ‘startling display of buffoonery to assuage the ego of Raila’  given that there was a point the two were enemies following the publication of a damaging memoir called ‘Peeling Back The Mask’

“Raila Odinga minions are an interesting lot. They're allergic to the truth, facts and history. But this doesn't mean we won't remind them of some classical events that left everlasting aroma in our polity. It is not long ago that these sycophants bayed for Miguna Miguna's blood. The bone of contention? He published a hard-hitting memoir, "Peeling Back the Mask" that laid bare Raila's hypocrisy. It should be understood that local publishers refused to publish the book. Why? Raila, the guy idolized by his supporters and goons as the custodian of democracy in Kenya was the Prime Minister and he could allow truth to be published over his dead body. Miguna was stoned by hired thugs in some parts of the country when he attempted to launch his book in some parts of the country. In his memoir, the man with the same name twice swore never to work for or with Raila again only to make a mediocre turnaround and coronate Raila on 30th January, 2018 at Uhuru Park in a startling display of buffoonery to assuage the ego of Raila and the goons who blindly worship him. The man they went after hammer and tongs and burnt his effigy in a mock burial just the other day is today being celebrated as a hero. What changed?” Mama Miradi wrote.

A post that expectedly elicited backlash, but this time Millicent was armed with some snappy comebacks.

Oliver Tambo wrote “We have no choice but share your sex tape everywhere. The game has just begun. lzo manyake zako lazima watu waone.” To which Senator Millicent Omanga cheekily replied with “Am also waiting. At least I will have an opportunity to watch myself too.”

Others like Lucie Lucitta Kiage accused her of being a Raila minion. “A few months ago you were a Raila minion, you even wanted to vie in ODM , but then you went to Jubilee, same case to Miguna the difference btwn you two is that ur book is not yet out ,just ur insults. Thou you still fresh in this game.” She wrote and the Senator replied with “Have never been. Recheck your history.”

Others like Keya Erick resorted to insults by calling her a ‘Roto tank’ and Omanga snapped back with “Kentank ndio kubwa zaidi.”


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