'My late fiance has refused to let me move on with life'

Teniola and Biodun were madly in love and were about getting married when he died. But since then, his spirit has refused to allow her to move on.

What I am going through is what I normally see in Nigerian movies and after watching, I would think such a scenario could only happen in the imagination of the writer of the movie.

But it is happening to me in real life and despite running from pillar to post, going for deliverance in spiritual churches and even visiting native doctors for a solution, it seems nothing can be done.

The problem is that my late fiance, , has refused to let me move on with my life. It is not as if we had any blood vow before he died but his spirit has been tormenting and I am practically going out of my mind.

Biodun and I grew up in the same neighbourhood and started dating when I was 15. What started as a friendship grew to become a very strong relationship and as we grew up together, we became inseparable.

We were so much in love that our families took it for granted that our marriage was just a matter of time.

I was crazy about Biodun and no man ever meant anything to me. When he deflowered me at 16, I vowed never to allow any other man sleep with me and till he died three years ago, I kept to the vow I made.

I never dated any other man all the years we were together and I am sure Biodun too did not cheat on me. There was no reason to suspect him because we saw each other almost every day.

Even when I got admission into the Lagos State University, we still saw each other on a daily basis, so there was no way we could have strayed away from each other.

One thing that I did not like about Biodun was that he was too jealous and would fight any man that as much as winked at me. I often mocked him on his jealous streak but he always explained that he loved me so much and would never allow any man to come near me.

You can imagine my pain and agony when Biodun fell ill and died mysteriously three days later.

He actually died in my arms and while struggling with his last breathe, he kept telling me he loved me so much and would not want any man to take me away from him.

He said I should promise that I would not ever fall in love with another man and not knowing that it was the end, I kept assuring him that I will always be for him. I said those things because I wanted to do everything possible to keep him.

But Biodun died and since then, my whole world has been torn apart. His spirit would not let me live my life. he keeps appearing to me in my dreams, crying and begging me to keep my promise to him.

Most nights, Biodun's spirit will appear and make love to me and when I wake up, I would see semen inside my private part. Not done with appearing in my dreams, Biodun's spirit has started appearing to me in the daytime.

The first time it appeared, I was on a date with Kunle who had been pestering me for a relationship. We were at an eatery when Biodun's ghost suddenly emerged and sat opposite me, with tears in his eyes.

I screamed out loud and started behaving in a funny way. had to drag me out of the eatery and managed to take me home. Needless to say, that was the end of Kunle's interest in me.

Any man who asks me out will have a nasty experience to tell and would promptly dump me. I have tried everything possible, including carrying out sacrifices to get Biodun off my back but his spirit has refused to let me be.

Please, I need help fast as the appearances are growing by the day.


Dear readers, it is said that the dead has nothing to do with the living. But even though Biodun has been long dead, his ghost has refused to let Teniola live her life. On Morning Teaser today, what do you think she should do?


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