How Kenyans reacted to Duale-Nazlin love affair

The two are said to have been in a relationship for three years.

In a purportedly leaked conversation between the duo on Thursday, Mrs Umar had conditioned Mr Duale to buy her a “Home for Us” in addition to a Lexus which Mr Duale “ought to have parked outside her house, after the three years of a sweet affair.”

While Mr Duale is a Muslim and has a slot of marrying up to four wives.

A one Antony Kamau Wachira wrote: “Idlers the Standard newspaper is fast becoming gutter press.”

On his part, Ben Evans, wondered why such a talk is even important in the first place. He wrote: “why is this conversation important? I don’t get it.”

He added: “Nazlin chukuwa ii ngamia inatusumbua sana hapa kenya na mdomo kaa ya mama.”

Others turned guns against the publisher, terming it a gutter.

“Useless gutter gossip,” wrote Richard Bungei.

He added: “This protracted campaign against some people haiwezi saidia resistance movement since it seems that is your hidden agenda. Style up Standard media.”

Another Facebook user Nicquesanroh Tsangology came to the defence of Mr Duale, quipping, “and what is wrong with that??? Is Duale a dry wood?? He has feelings, he is human!”

“I Hope She Woke Up! Nishinde Jackpot Nilipe Dowry? Bitch Please!” Romayn Emoistyq  added her comment on the already existing long thread of comments.


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