A Form Two student at Nayikuro Mixed Secondary School who claims she was beaten up by her teachers over a photo in Facebook is still seeking justice.

She claims she was beaten with hosepipes by at least four teachers.

“I had just taken a shower and returned to the dormitory when a friend of mine took a picture of me wearing a towel. Afterwards, the school principal called me to his office and asked why the picture was posted on Facebook,” she narrated.


Jelidah Nyaboke, her mother vehemently denies that the photo was indecent.

“The photo I was shown showed the girl in a towel covering the chest to her knees. Moreso, it was taken by her friend,” the mother argued.

As punishment, she was ordered to wash school lavatories with bare hands. After the first punishment, the girl claims she was again ordered to carry bricks and arrange them within the school compound before she was suspended.

Police station

Her mother said probably out fear of being punished again at home, the student kept quiet about the wounds she had sustained, but opened up when it became unbearable. She says after stripping her daughter, she saw the bruises.

A report from Nyamira County Hospital shows the student had scars on her thighs, legs and back. An X-ray report signed by Dr Ben Machungo indicated that the girl suffered vertebral sprain.

The incident was reported at Manga Police Station and booked under OB 09/03/2018. Area OCPD James Musyimi said investigation had started and that police were already taking statements from other students and teachers.