3 relatable ways first time mothers over react

First time mothers have some pretty interesting parenthood moments.

Before you hold the baby, you have to use sanitizer or wash your hands - which is totally understandable – are one of the many rules that first time mothers have when it comes to their children.

There are some times though when first time mothers can take things a little bit over board and having been around some of them when it happens, I would have probably done the same thing so we can cut them some slack.

Here are 3 relatable ways first time mothers over react.

1.Panicking at everything.

First time mothers panic at almost everything. A child’s cough or sneeze will send them into complete panic mode and numerous times they end up in the emergency room; only to find that it was nothing.

Panic mode seemingly disappears a bit once they have a second child though.


No I don’t think your child needs a 5ft cake at their first birthday party – no judgment though. If you want to throw an over the top party for them then go right ahead but we all know that money would have been used for something better e.g their school fees.

3.Picking their child up every time they cry

No one wants to hear a child crying or see them sad but sometimes you have to let them cry it out.

There’s a common phrase that first time mothers are not supposed ‘kuzoesha mtoto mkono’ which is basically making them get used to being carried all the time.


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