Rongai House of Grace Pastor 'G' accused of driving fiancé to Suicide

She had overdosed herself using high blood pressure tablets.

The pastor’s bride-to-be attempted to take her life after accusing her husband-to-be of swindling, misusing and mentally torturing her.

This according to her suicide note which had their passport photos attached to it.


Pastor Anthony Gatonye Munene commonly known as Pastor ‘G’ of House of Grace Rongai (and part time preacher at its Nairobi West branch) was to wed Becky Gitahi on April 5.

However, three months to their big day, Becky, a manager of a five-star hotel, attempted suicide.

Pastor ‘G’ is a divorced father of two. His former wife is said to have left him with their two kids because of infidelity.

A relative of Pastor ‘G’ told ‘The Nairobian’  that he had introduced three other women before. The source further revealed that they were forced to return bride price for one of Pastor G’s women after disagreements.

Becky, it is alleged, decided to cohabit with him and they both introduced each other to family and friends.

But a spanner was thrown into the works when a friend who was visiting Becky found her door open.

Blood pressure tablets

Becky was in the bedroom, unconscious. She alerted neighbours who responded, rushing her to the nearby Nairobi Women’s Hospital. She had overdosed herself using high blood pressure tablets.

Beside her bed was a handwritten suicide note with her passport size photo and that of Pastor ‘G’ attached, detailing reasons for taking her life.

The Nairobian obtained a copy that reads in part:

Anthony: I loved you but you did not realize you have caused me pain, your parents are wonderful and I loved them, you have made me choose this direction of dying.

I know Daniel (their son) will be so sad for losing me but all this have been caused by you, Anthony Munene, but I know one day we shall meet in a better place.


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