7 great reasons why New Year’s Eve is overrated

We're all excited for a New Year but sometimes the hype can lead to many disappointments.

While there’s a lot of excitement that the year is ending, there’s also that pressure to be doing something extraordinary during New Year’s Eve.

Most of the time, you end up being disappointed because you end up using too much money or what you end up doesn’t even turn out to be that fun in the first place.

It is safe to say that New Year’s Eve can be a bit overrated and here are a few reasons why it’s so.

1.Drinks are too damn expensive

If you decide to go to the club, you’ll end up digging too deep into your pockets because all the drinks are over-priced if you even end up getting what you want in the first place.


Most places are usually overcrowded during New Year’s Eve so you end up brushing up sweaty arms with everyone in the club and honestly no one is trying to spend their night like that.

3.Too much pressure to be doing something really dope during New Year’s Eve

Everyone has really amazing plans – they’re either counting down the year at church or they’re living it up in another town while you can’t even get anyone to return any of your calls.

4.Traffic everywhere

You can’t seem to get anywhere during New Year’s Eve because of the traffic. Don’t make the mistake of leaving home too late otherwise you’ll be counting down the year in your car.

5.Cabs are so damn expensive

The price surge for cabs during New Year’s is usually so high you end up spending so much money even before you get to your destination.

6.You end up starting the New Year with a hangover

So you go a bit over board the night before and now you have to struggle with a hangover the next day. What a way to start the New Year.

7.If you’re single, New Year’s Eve is just another reminder that you are

And it definitely doesn't help that everyone around you is so concerned about how single you are.

But who cares, it's a New Year.


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