Decaying hand of maltreated house maid will send chills down your spine

A young girl who appeared abused was described as one who possessed a maggot-feasted fingers.

The victim, perceived to be around the 11 to 13 age group, was discovered with an impairment to her wrist.

This prompted a good Samaritan who found her at a supermarket to contact a human rights group in a bid to get help for the child who appeared underfed and maltreated.

On Facebook, a woman named Nzelibe Onyedika Iyke announced that Anyakaora's who lives in Ijegun, Lagos, is on the run.

However, her husband has been arrested.

"Note: Little corrections please!!! Pls Parents b careful on how u give out ur 9 months labour to Daughters of Jezebel in d name of house help/ Baby sitter.

"This little gal has been living under tortures: hard labour,poor feeding,bullying,etc with one Mrs Anyakaora.

"Tenants side,first floor back @ No 12 Dominic Street, Ijegun after Navy town Lagos state.

"D poor Girl was was sent on errand Yesterday to buy something when a good Samaritan met her in a nearby Store with a decayed,Maggot feasted fingers & intervened by getting HUMAN RIGHTS involved in d case.

"Her (Mr Anyakaora) Husband is cooling off his head in one of d Lagos state police stations now,as d wife is no where to b found.

"Mothers,kindly b guided!!! Pls Rebroadcast for d awareness of d Little Gal's family," Iyke wrote in a post shared on Monday, February 26, 2018.

Social media user who responded to the announcement expressed sympathy for the victim while directing scorn to her abusers.

Their responses reflected a society still able to show concern for the downtrodden despite daily hardship.

Orphans rescued from HIV-positive grandmother who blames them for disease

In Cross-River State, Nigeria, a child protection agency has rescued three female orphans who have endured harsh treatment from their grandmother who blamed them for contracting the HIV disease.

The victims who were accused of witchcraft are aged 13, 5, and 3 years old respectively have reportedly lost their parents.

They suffered streaks of torture from their guardian who reportedly invited their uncle to beat them.

Scars displayed on their backs appear indelible signs of their troubled past.

The oldest among the trio defended her siblings refuting claims that they are witches.

She remarked in a chat with Vanguard News the meagre daily meal available to them, which often comes after an intense labour.


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