Crazy couple enjoy quick sex while waiting for order in eatery

The couple were filmed having 'quick sex' while waiting to be served at an eatery suspected to be McDonalds.

According to a Twitter user, Fael Garcia, who filmed the couple having sex while waiting to be served, the incident occurred at a McDonalds in Portugal.

The guy stood behind girlfriend, who was in front of the counter but with her dress pulled up around her waist.

The guy was filmed grinding his girlfriend, who seemed to be exchanging banters with the attendant while their orders were being prepared.

As the couple's orders arrived, the guy stops grinding against his girlfriend and she quickly pulls down her dress, which was slightly up at her waist all the time.

The raunchy 20 seconds clip has since been viewed by 2.4 million Twitter users since it was posted on Tuesday, August 7, 2018.

Officer caught having sex with prisoner in correctional centre

A female corrections officer has been caught and arrested for allegedly engaging in sexual activities with an inmate.

According to a report by Daily Mail, the officer was identified as Janel Sands, a 26-year-old officer with Deberry Special Needs Facility in Nashville, Tennessee.

Sands reportedly engaged in the sexual act with one of the facility's inmate at different occasions spanning five months.

According to an indictment obtained by Fox 17, Sands had sexual contact with the same inmate once in March and once in April before she was caught in July 2018.


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