Nigerian mom laments over son's experience in racist German school

A Nigerian woman laid out a complaint about the harsh treatment of her son who is the only African in a German school.

The woman made her concerns known via a post on Instagram, Naij News reported.

In her text, the disturbed mom called for an intervention at the Linden-Grundschule Elementary School, where a teacher named Mrs. Schulz advised pupils in her class to stop interaction with the victim, who is the only African native in the institution.

This was after she showed her class a video of Africans going through sufferings known to their continent. According to Osa, this treatment has discouraged her child from visiting school.

"Pls help me, this is not the first time..I can’t keep calm anymore pls people should come to my son’s school, the racism here at Linden Grundschule in Staaken,Berlin, Germany is high.

"My son doesn’t want to go to school again, teacher told pupils not to talk to my son after playing the video showing them where Africans are suffering bcos my son is the only black in the class...nobody wants to play with my son even my son’s bestie..the Mrs Schulz of primary 5 is wicked," says Osa in her emotional Instagram post.

Train inspectors molest Nigerian man in Germany

Also in Munich, Germany, a footage showed a group of train inspectors molest a Nigerian man, for allegedly not paying his fare.

They reportedly received a suspension from work following the action which the recorder, Natalija Miletic, described as "racist".

The video showed a 48-year-old African man being dragged violently by white men who work for the Deutsche Bahn. They seemed quite keen about getting him off the train.

"This is absolutely not okay, this, what you are doing.

"The guy didn't do anything to you guys. You should be ashamed of yourself. This is racist what you are doing.

"Why are you doing this? He paid!", Miletic was heard saying in the video.

As the clip continued, a person believed to be working at the transportation company tried to prevent her from recording what was happening.

She was heard resisting proclaiming her rights while addressing the obstructer.

The end of the file saw her reiterate an evil that has long plagued the black race for long. They have seen a history of being forced into slavery and have suffered an abuse based on their skin colour.

"This is racism! You are doing this to him because he is black!"

Natalija Mileti has received threats following the video which has spread all over social media. She shared an account of this in an interview with DW News.


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