Racist tells black neighbors the sight of their child would be bad for her health

She said she was under strict orders to remain stress free


A copy of the letter, left outside Pundt’s home in Greentown, Indiana on October 12 said: ‘No n****** wanted in this neighborhood.

Negative experience

‘THIS IS A WHITE NEIGHBORHOOD – some people find n****** Stressful due 33 years of NEGATIVE experience and it causes serious health issues – ANXIETY AND STRESS.’

The letter writer continued: ‘I am – cannot be stress free if I have to look a the n***** kid day in day out….’

Her rambling went on to moan that the writer and her family chose to live there because it is an ‘all white neighborhood’ and that they could not afford to move.


She alleged that her sibling had been bullied by African American people in the past, and claimed her grandson had been driven to self-harm by similar abuse.

It concluded: ‘your kid may be a nice kid but the sight sets off my anger, rage and disgust of how n****** never pay for their crimes.’

Pundt says the racist letter has left her and her family traumatized – but that she is staying put.


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