Nurse in hot soup for tricking colleague just to see her breasts bounce

He has done the same to four different women

In 2012, Kibaja pulled the alarm when there was no emergency and simulated breasts bouncing with his hands as his panicked colleague dashed down the hallway.

Fake gynecologist

In another bizarre hospital related case, a plumber was arrested after he managed to work as a gynecologist at a hospital.

31-year-old Anton Yarin of Russia, who is a certified plumber and a volunteer medic, managed to fool hospital medical staff and patients into believing he was a qualified gynecologist.


Video from the hospital shows the married father of one child wearing a white doctor’s coat while interacting with women and at least one underage girl at a hospital in Pervouralsk.

According to police, Yarin originally arrived at the hospital looking for a job as a plumber, but he managed to change into medical clothes and he walked around to introduce himself to other gynecologists and surgeons.


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