Why is this group considered weird?

Rock fans are perceived as eccentric beings with an interest different from popular choice.

They are folks with eccentric interests who have often restricted themselves to songs with a heavy sound of an electric guitar and a form of expression that makes an African aunt say "this is not a child of God," but you can never find them dancing to 'One corner'.

The idea of rock is quite complicated yet simple I must add. Intricacies associated with it is what has encouraged most people to avoid it mainly because it cannot be fathomed. Only a certain type of mind can relate to the inspiring part of one's soul that is rock.

A rough analysis of how not so common rock fans are (not based on any known statistics) in a setting will put the number at maybe two individuals in 50. The first person is the main follower of rock music while the other subject is one who doesn't actively patronize rock music but is closely in connection with someone who does.

Rock fans are people most likely to be found in the corner of a room calmly seated with an earphone plugged to the ears, wearing a look depicting a lack of enthusiasm concerning what is happening in their environment.

They tend to appreciate things from an intellectual angle and often have the feeling of a race that is fading away due to a decline in their community. Young people between the ages 10 to 17 who patronize rock music are most likely going to be loners in the schools.

Their inability to connect with others who are engrossed in general interests has ensured that they stay glued to themselves giving them an arrogant demeanor but that is not necessarily the case.

In Nigeria, rock fans have found a way to connect with each other. The availability of digital communication platforms like WhatsApp has made that a seamless affair - they can easily engage themselves even when they are not having a hangout at the beach or an exclusive location planned by their contemporaries.

The annual rock music festival Rocktoberfest is an example of a place where one can come across rock fans in their multitude. This is where you will find them in their happy and carefree state as they open up in the company of like-minds.

These people are actually your average folks. They fall in love, help the needy, pay tithes in church and even have corporate jobs - factors that prove that they are 50 tonnes more than their appearance.

You can pretty much start a conversation with them about anything but steer clear talking about music because rock is just about the only thing they will rather relate to.


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