Raped at 16, Megan Gibson willingly had one-night-stands until therapy

Megan Gibson was raped twice. The second was an incident that occurred following her marriage.

Now based in Okinawa, Japan, the rape victim who is now a wellness therapist with three children disclosed that she nursed suicidal thoughts in response to the incident.

Dealing with the aftermath of a forced sexual intercourse with a man about 10 years older than her forced her into a feeling of guilt.

All seemed like a past to be buried after getting married and starting a family, but a sad fate will have her taste a similar encounter while at a party held before relocating to Japan in September 2014.

This time around it was the law that failed her, making sure that people she considered as friends got away with the sexual assault.

“Before we knew it, we had orders to go to Japan. One huge house party and a fun night to celebrate our send off, and my world came crashing down again.

“I couldn’t believe it. How did this happen again? I was assaulted by people I considered my friends.

“I reported them, clung to justice, and prayed they would never hurt another again, but my case never made it past the investigation. Every agency failed me," the Daily Mail UK quotes Gibson in a report.

The issue of rape is a global plague that has seen women suffer in silence

In Nigeria, there is a confidence around it that encourages perpetrators brag about it on social media. Recently, a man named Enyeobi Donatus brought attention to himself after sharing a guide on how best to rape a woman on Facebook.

This brought about the involvement of the S.T.E.R Initiative, an N.G.O dedicated to fighting rape in Nigeria. It launched an investigation that had the suspect who worked at a maritime company, on the run.

Another youth, Vhyktoh Gustor, found enjoyment in telling his Facebook friends how skilled he is in forcing women to sex on first dates. These incidents portray Nigeria as a country which hasn't displayed a sternness concerning its intolerance when it relates to rape.

With the youths chiefly leading the menace, there are concerns about the future.


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