​Beautiful Nigerian lady desperate for marriage takes search to Twitter

Sylvia Sauce hopes to meet a man with a dual nationality. Will she mind a Ghanaian-Nigerian husband? Mostly likely.

She made sure to mention some of her physical endowment before making to list all the attributes she expects from her would-be husband who must earn not less than N300,000 as salary, of dual nationality and also a good cook.

Harmless desires right? Well, not for a bunch of Twitter users who took her to the cleaners for her long line of requests which they perceive as way too costly. Some of the brutal remarks she received suggests that.

Sauce, whose post got over a thousand retweets thinks the negative reactions that have trailed her tweet was as a result of her followers’ inability to meet up with her demands. This has made them to feel threatened according to the damsel.

Though this might be a fact, but is getting married before the end of the year a realisable venture? Definitely not if one is considering that grooming a successful relationship requires time and devotion.

A question that might have probably come across the minds of those who have had a thorough look at her Twitter timeline where she shared an explicit image is if she actually intends to get married or is basically just horny.

With just about about five days to go, let’s see how things pan out.


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