Woman who murdered first husband by rubbing poison on vagina plans death of second

A woman who disclosed plans to murder current husband revealed that she poisoned previous partner.

Her comments were displayed on the relationship expert's Facebook wall which detailed her reasons for committing murder.

She explained that the family of the deceased attributed his death to a bad liver condition, oblivious of foul play.

Her motivation reportedly resulted from an allegation of infidelity by the late husband who cheated on her when she was only seven months pregnant.

She is now looking to repeat a similar act with current partner.

"I am in my second marriage. And yes, I am cheating on my husband. I wasn’t always like this: I used to be faithful. I used to be content with only one man. I used to love and trust, from deep within.

"However, my first husband turned me into something I never knew I could be: A murderer! I killed him, Dave… I poisoned my first husband, and watched him die in our bedroom, painfully.

"I mixed a deadly, colorless, tasteless, odorless substance with my lotion, smeared it gently on my breast, rubbed it on my vagina, put some on my lips: I coated every part of my body I knew he enjoyed putting his mouth and tongue on, and watched him swallow every bit of his own saliva, mixed with the substance.

"Dave, sometimes, a cheating, filthy, lying bastard, ought to die – for you to live. I deserved to live, Dave. I deserved to live. I’m glad our incompetent Ghanaian medical doctors could still not diagnose the true cause of his death after the autopsy.

"Everybody, including his family, all think he died from an acute liver problem. I am cheating on my current husband because I don’t want to lose another man in a marriage; so I would rather want to cheat on him too, as a form of closure – in order not to lose my mind.

"He started cheating on me when I was Seven (7) months pregnant. Smh! These foolish men eh: we give them everything, yet, they choose to fool around. I feel very sorry for this my current husband. I’m still timing him closely. His time will come," the unknown woman wrote Bondze-Mbir in a message on Facebook.

Her unapologetic disposition paints a picture of one who is willing explore any means to achieve her goals perceived ill-treatment in the hands of partner but she was however emphatic about having her name unannounced, almost bearing a paranoid reflection.

She was concerned about the security capabilities of her confidant's Facebook account which she hoped won't fall into the clutches of hackers.

“David, I know you are protecting our identities – that is why I am feeling a little bit comfortable, opening up to ONLY you.

"I am pleading with you, if you still are not so sure of how safe the security of your Facebook account is, kindly copy my message into a Word document or folder, and DELETE my message – to protect me, should anyone try hacking your system. Thank you," the woman appealed.

Her words carries the thoughts of most African women who are mostly victims of abuse in their marriages. Societal norms have made them objects receiving orders from angry spouses.

Man hires assassin to murder rich family in order to inherit wealth

The police in Sochi, Russia, have arrested a 22-year-old man who reportedly hired an assassin contracted to murder his rich family in a bid to inherit wealth.

He however failed in his aim having mistakenly employed the service of an undercover detective who pretended to be a contract killer expected to receive a sum of £38,000, for a job well done.

According to Metro News UK, the suspect had planned to murder relations including mother, father, and 10-year-old sister.

Reports gathered revealed that the unnamed man provided vital information to the hitman in order to ensure a speedy and hitch-free process.

His parents who cooperated with law enforcement officers who suggested that death be faked were devastated after learning about the intention of their son.


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