Shock as man killed for not attending prayers

The man was assaulted in his home while his wife and children were still in the house.

Charles Omwaye was reportedly attacked by Legio Maria Church leaders at his home after he was found sleeping while prayers were going on.

The six leaders had visited Omwaye and his family for a service on Friday night but were not amused at the clear absence of Mr. Omwaye.

As the prayers went on, one of the church’s leaders told Kokech chief, Joel Owenga, that he was directed by the ‘Holy Spirit’ to Mr. Omwaye’s room where he went on to hit him for sleeping during prayers.

Chief Omwenga went on to reveal that all was not always well within the Omwaye household as he was regularly called to settle issues between Mr. Omwaye and his second wife.

“I was called to settle their differences on many occasions when Omwaye told me his Form Two son was almost dropping out of school because he had been told by church members that education was a waste of time,” he was quoted by the Nairobi News.

Issues between Mr. Omwaye and his second wife began when she opted to switch to the Legio Maria church from the Catholic Church, claims that his son corroborated.

“He was complaining that my step-mother would stay away from home for a week or more, attending Legio Maria functions,” he said.

As the assault was taking place, Mr. Omwaye’s wife and her son did not try to stop it from taking place and it was only until her daughter screamed that their neighbours caught wind of what was going on.

The six have since been arrested as investigations are underway.

Mr. Omweya’s wife was also among those arrested after she took bread and soda to those arrested.


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