Smart squatter lives in woman's house for six months without being noticed

The old woman had no idea she was living with a stranger

During his time there, the man heard some strange noises coming from the second floor of the house and walked up the stairs to investigate.


When he opened the door to one of the upstairs bedrooms, he was shocked to find a young man sleeping on a futon.

Instead of losing his composure and confronting the intruder, he kept his composure, simply closing the door very slowly and going back downstairs to ask his mother if she knew anything about someone else living in her house.


The 90-year-old woman had no idea what her son was talking about, so the man called 110 (emergency number) to report the trespassing.

The elderly woman and his son then casually waited for police to arrive and wake up the uninvited guest. The silent squatter was handcuffed and taken to the police station, but so far he has proven very uncooperative.

He has yet to even reveal his name, let alone the reasons for his trespassing or how long he had been sleeping there.


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