Television star opts to have her ribs removed in a bid to thin off her waist

Very weird

Sophia Wollersheim the one who last year came second in RTL's The Jungle Camp - Germany's equivalent of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!, is considering another rib op.

Sophia has severally been operated not in a bid to cure ailment but to change her looks. She believes it is possible to undergo surgical procedure to thin down her waist.

In a bid to enquire her fans’ opinion about conducting another surgery to slim her midriff further, Sophia shared a photo of her waist asking: "Could be tighter?” giving her followers the chance to vote 'yes' or 'no'.

To many’s surprise, her fans overwhelmingly disagreed with the idea of another surgery. Sophia’s fanatics seemed concerned of the star’s health.

However the feedback may not guarantee that the luminary’s decision will be based on the followers opinion and concern.

Reports have it that Wollersheim has undergone several other surgical procedures, including three breast enlargements and four nose jobs.

The icon went to the states to have two lower ribs on each side surgically confiscated last summer as the operation would have been illegitimate in Germany owing to the risks involved.

Often, she posts pictures of her ever- metamorphosing body online and not long ago she displayed her very own "#bootybattle" with two images of her bottom from 2014 and 2018.

But her ex-husband said he takes blame for Sophia's “extreme surgery obsession.”

He previously stated that, "When I got to know Sophia I joked a few times by saying 'you have a waist like a petrol canister'. Adding that he is astonished and ‘"It goes against the anatomy of the human body."


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