This couple want babies but don't know how to have sex

The couple were told by their obstetrician, Liu Hongmei, that they’d been having sex the wrong way.

According to the Guiyang Evening Post, the couple hail from Bijie city in South West region of China.

It was further reported that the Chinese couple was told by Guizhou province obstetrician, Liu Hongmei that they’d been having sex the wrong way.

Hongmei discovered that the 24-year-old wife was still a virgin despite being married and having sex with her 26-year-old husband for four years.

“The couple were very young, the man 26 and the woman 24. They were very healthy, but, despite being married for four years, couldn’t conceive. Their family was giving them a lot of stress because of it,” Hongmei said.

Couple mistake anal sex for vaginal sex

Hongmei further told Guiyang Evening Post that the wife confessed that sex was usually quite painful and this raised concerns about a gynecological disease.

The doctor, however, said, upon examination, the wife was discovered to still be a virgin.

This discovery led Hongmei to check the woman’s anus. And it was then it was confirmed that the couple had mistakenly been having anal sex for four years of marriage.

The couple were each handed a sex-education handbook and some “guidelines” before by the doctor after which the woman got pregnant after a more-successful attempt at sexual intercourse.


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