Homeless couple complete the inspiration for perfect Valentine's Day celebration

Two love birds who live on the street proved to be a vibe of sensation for a photography website which took cute pictures of the pair.

Sammy, the male subject in the story is pictured cuddling on a grass in Central Park, Nairobi, with his lover, Virginia. They both draw up a reflection of a duo who has found love even in the dusty sands of poverty.

"His eyes lit up and he gave a hearty smile exposing his nicotine filled dental formula. The question almost seemed therapeutic as he in heavy sheng lingual started describing his girlfriend.

"It was almost unbelievable that love would conform to such settings, a complete slap on the many things we have forcefully evolved love to," the website expressed in an article about Sammy, the leading figure in the love story.

Various close-up pictures revealed the partners entwined in a state of affection.

This moment, they have no worries about the vanity of life - what appeared to matter is the intense passion, enough to cast a dominating light over Sammy's deep dark skin.

Valentine's Day auction? Yes please!

Ifeanyi Valentine Romeo, an Onitsha-based businessman who is also a hunter, has offered followers on his Facebook page an opportunity to have an experience of how a bite of deer meat tastes like, having caught two on his farm announced for auction around Valentine's day.

On Sunday, February 11, 2018, he invited his followers to contact him privately if they were thinking of having a crisp succulent stake encounter, when they have had a taste of the animal's flesh.

Only friends who were able to reach him by 1:30 PM on the day would have had a chance of getting a feel of this following the time-bound announcement.

Pictures shows Romeo holding the hunting prizes, while he was simply just examining the cash worthy corpses of the ruminant mammals in another image.

"Sunday sales. Pre valentine auction sales... Twin mgbada for sale. Hit my inbox before 1.30pm," he writes baring our what is often on the minds of most young Nigerians - St. Valentines shopping for lovers.

The appreciation for these yearly culture is very high in these parts of West Africa, where promiscuity closely shares a boundary with romance.


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