Church refuse refund request made by member who mistakenly paid N111k as tithe (Audio)

Kenneth, who worships at the Gloria Arena, Benin, complained of church's refusal to return an excess money paid as tithe.

The complainant who intended to part with N11,000, revealed that he made payment via an online transfer but had found out after the service at Gloria Arena, Benin, that he had exceeded the planned value.

According to Kenneth, the Edo-based worship center insisted on holding on to the money claiming that it has already been submitted to God.

Daddy Freeze, who has established himself as a figure who has taken a reproachful view concerning the enforcement of tithe payment struggled to contain his emotions in a chat with the church-goer.

"Last week something happened. Somebody gave me money for something - for a project. So I went to church service but we normally use POS in the church.

"I wanted to type eleven thousand, my tithe so mistakenly I type a hundred and eleven thousand. So it was after the closing of the church that I saw the mistake when the alert came.

"So I went to them and said. Aah! This is what happened ooo...

"That money was sent to me for something - someone that was building, the person is sending the money for me to complete the window part of the building.

"So I went to them to tell them... They said that it is not possible that I have given the money to God and that is...," Kenneth said in the audio recording.

At the tail of the conversation, Daddy Freeze was heard muttering an appeal to the Gloria Arena in a bid to have the money returned.

The latest  incident has put the OAP in the spotlight of another aggressive criticism of what has seemed like the use of fear tactics to motivate a church congregation to pay tithe, which has chiefly served pastors believed to enjoying an extravagant lifestyle.

Pastor shows up for church service in Rolls Royce

A pastor, Alph Lukau of the Alleluia Ministries International located in Sandton, South Africa, has gathered attention after showing up for a church service in Rolls Royce.

In addition he was accompanied by a long list of entourage including horses and siren blowing power bikes.

A video clip showed him pull out of the white vehicle as a red carpet ushered him in to his event.

A Twitter user, @TheInstigatorr who posted the footage introduced with a statement, “No this is not a politician, it's Pastor Lukau making a church entrance.”

Such show of extravagance by Alph Lukau is one in a list of high points raised by Cool FM presenter, Daddy Freeze, who has given bashing to some Nigerian clergymen who enjoy luxurious privileges at the expense of church members.


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