Meet the Christians advocating for 'wife swapping' as 'ministry'

The bisexual mum-of-three Cristy also indulges in sex with others with her husband’s consent.

As Dean explains, there’s no-one better placed to spread the Gospel: ‘If I was a priest going to a swingers club, would you listen to me!?’ He says he has a better chance being heard as a swinger – ‘It’s still a sin but it’s how you’re using it.’

Cristy adds: ‘I feel like, right now, this is God’s plan.’


The exercise-mad couple set up Fitness Swingers in Florida, USA, after becoming frustrated with the quality of couples they were meeting through swinging.

Now bisexual mum-of-three Cristy studies the Bible with husband of seven years, Dean, 49, but also indulges in sex with others with her husband’s consent.

Fellow swinger Johnny agrees with Cristy and Dean that being part of the swinging community is not at odds with holding Christian beliefs: ‘[The Bible] says though shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife – but what if your neighbour wants you to?’

Judgement day

Dean came to God when his life was being ruined by drink and drugs. He got down on his knees and prayed to God for help. He also turned his life around with the help of exercise – and he says the gym is another perfect setting for spreading the word of God.

So how does Cristy justify swinging within a Christian life? ‘The Bible doesn’t talk about swinging specifically. I just feel like as a married couple, you agree on something together then it’s OK. If it’s not, then Judgement Day I’ll find that out.’

The couple have launched a swinging website to help connect with more people – and hopefully turn more people onto Christ. And they’ve enlisted help on the sex website from an unlikely source – their daughter Brittney.


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