Ouch! Your balls hurt? If you have not had an injury, your balls could hurt due to other reasons.

It can be darn painful and unless you know the cause of the pain, you should not just assume it. Visit the doctor for examination and treatment since it could also be a more serious condition than you thought.

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Here are some causes of testicular pain:

1. Blue balls

This is a common one. And although the pain can be quite disturbing, it shouldn’t scare you because the condition won’t rob you off your pair. Epididymal hypertension (blue balls) happens after a long period of sexual stimulation without ejaculation. The pain disappears on its own and you actually don’t need to see a doctor for this.

2. Testicular torsion

This is a condition where the balls get twisted resulting to insufficient blood supply to the testicles. If left untreated, the condition would damage the testicles and you should thus treat it as an emergency by visiting the doctor soonest possible.

3. Testicular rupture

The balls are surrounded by a protective membrane known as tunica albuginea. If by accident this membrane ruptures, bloods leaks into the scrotum making your balls hurt.

4. Epididymitis

This is the most common cause of testicular pain among men who are over 18 years. In most cases, epididymitis occurs as a result of infections such as STIs and you need to visit the doctor for treatment.

Other common causes of testicular pain include;

Kidney stones

Inguinal hernia

Orchitis (inflammation of testicles)

Undescended testicles



Diabetic neuropathy

Testicular cancer

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