Did you know that your penis can shrink regardless of how big it may be?

Well, some diseases and conditions can reduce the size of your manhood. Below are some things that may lead to penis shrinkage:

1. Age

Sadly, in as much as you would want your manhood to retain its youthfulness, it will shrink as you age. The balls too become small. This is because as you age, fatty deposits build up in around the penis preventing enough blood flow to the area.

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2. Smoking

Bad news to smokers. Excessive smoking leads to plaque buildup in the arteries. The plaque affects blood circulation and hinders erection. It can also lead to erectile dysfunction and the shrinking of the manhood.

3. Prostate surgery

Men suffering from prostate cancer may have to undergo a surgery where the cancerous prostate gland is removed. Although experts cannot explain why it happens, most men experience penis shrinkage after the surgery.

4. Medications

Drugs are meant to help you recover but some of them come with unwanted side effects. Some antidepressants and prostate-related medications are known to not only cause erectile dysfunction but also penis shrinkage.

5. Weight gain

If you want your penis to always look bigger, then you will have to watch your weight. Too much weight especially around the belly makes your penis look smaller. This is because the massive weight slowly starts to envelope your penis and it seems smaller. However, it doesn’t mean that your penis has changed in size-only that it disappears slowly by slowly as you accumulate more weight.

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