Lovemaking is supposed to be a two way traffic-you give, and your partner reciprocates.

But this does not always happen. Most women complain about how much they are into giving their men blow jobs while their men never give them oral sex.

But well, sometimes, men could be justified not to go down on you while at other times the reasons for not doing so are simply selfish and outrageous.

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If your man has not been going down on you, you need to check out these reasons why men don’t go down on women:

1. Questionable hygiene

If you want your man to go down on you, then you must maintain high standards of cleanliness down there. No man will accept to give you oral sex if your hygiene is questionable. If it’s not well cleaned, he will definitely be put off.

2. You don’t reciprocate

We already mentioned that intercourse is a two-way thing. You give it to him and he returns the favor. So if you haven’t been treating him to a blow job, you should not expect to get cunnilingus from him.

3. Too much hair

Well, you probably do not mind about growing a bush around your genitals. But this is a turn off to some men who prefer a clean shaven vagina. Needless to say that the hair in your pubic region traps sweat and the sweaty smell may be a turn off as well.

4. Smell

Your health and diet might affect the smell of your vagina. You may be very clean but if you have a vaginal infection, the smell may be a turn off to your partner. If you know you have an infection, you will want to keep off from sex since your partner’s interpretation may be that your vagina is always smelly.

5. Taste

Clearly, you don’t expect it to taste like honey. Even though, there are men who don’t mind the taste while others loathe it. So if your guy doesn’t like the taste, he most likely will not go down on you.

6. They are just not into it

Some men are simply not into going down on women. Not because of the smell or anything-it’s just not their thing. And, some of these men prefer that you refrain from giving them blow jobs as well because they want to be fair enough.

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