First dates can be the most dreadful and painful experiences anyone can experience.

They can either be glorified job interviews with cocktails or just two hours listening to someone endlessly whine about an ex or their mean landlord or annoying boss.

But there are times when first dates are amazing. They are a seamless blend of fun, romance and are rich with promise. These first dates can be an amazing precursor to a fantastic fling or a wonderful relationship. They can also be a pretty excellent way of determining if your partner will be a hit or a miss in the sack.

So you’re on a date, having a fantastic dinner at a favoured restaurant, how can you tell?

The way he is curious

The level of fascination your date with have with you can tell you if he will be considerate between the sheets. If he is able to converse with you, contribute to your discussion, have snappy retorts to your banter then it’s likely he’s a reciprocal lover. One who will make sure you get as much fun as he is having.

The way he engages

Does he jump the gun and mansplain things to you? Then it’s likely he’ll be a pseudo-dominant in bed. A man who thinks he knows all the tricks and really doesn’t. But if he is willing to listen, patient, and even tolerant, he’s probably a masterful lover.

The way he touches you

Touching can’t really be explicit on a first date. Especially if it’s the first time you’re meeting. However, touches can occasionally happen that aren’t over the top or improper. If he wipes off a crumb or a bit of sauce from the corner of your lips with a napkin, he’s a gentleman. If he wipes it with his thumb, he’s a hands on gentleman. If he wipes it with his thumb then licks his thumb…

The way he flirts

By the time you’re agreeing to go on a date with him, you’re most likely already aware that he has game. But there is also the way he flirts with his body language. A subtle pose here and there to show off the muscles. Who doesn’t like a man who can put on a floor show?

The way he sips his drink

If he is sipping from a glass, examine the placement of his lips across the rim of the glass. Do with that information what you will. Have fun with your imagination.

The way he eats his fruit

Carefully scrutinize the way he embarks upon an orange. Easiest way to grade his skill in cunning linguistics.

The way he responds to your teasing

Of course you went to that date with a partial intent to seduce and flirt. A modest showing of skin or a blatant view of your cleavage- doesn’t matter- whatever your weapon of choice, watch how he responds to your amplifying of your “features”. Does he still pay attention to the conversation but has to readjust himself discreetly? Then you have a winner.

The way he eats his dessert

Does he share his cake or ice cream with you? Does he watch your lips as you wrap your lips around his fork? Does he lick the same fork ensuring he got all the cream off? Do you need to go cool off after that visual?

The way he kisses

At the end of most good first dates, is a kiss. The kiss is one of the most important parts of intimacy. Too much too soon can set a very unpleasant tone. Too little can convey a lack of interest. But a kiss that’s just toe-curling, goose bump inducing, heart racing and knicker scorching perfection is just- perfection.