We know what you’re thinking, how exactly can good sex make a man depressed? One of the main points for great sex is to feel good afterwards.

Well apparently feeling unhappy, for men, after sex isn’t as uncommon as we may think.

Some men, and women as well, can reportedly suffer from a condition known as post-coital dysphoria; this is according to a study conducted at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

“There is a wide range of responses in the period of time immediately following sexual activity, known as the resolution phase,” the study’s author, Professor Robert Schweitzer was quoted by Mirror.

During this resolution phase, those that suffer from post-coital dysphoria experience negative feelings of unhappiness, sorrow, anxiety or uneasiness either right after sex to up to two hours after sex.

The milk making hormone prolactin, also in men, is created after an orgasm to counteract the release of dopamine which is responsible for pleasure thus the negative feelings after sex.

There are obviously other reasons why someone would feel sad after sex including feeling disconnected from the person they are with or feeling nervous about commitment.

“The sadness some men feel at this point may be due to the contrast between the joy of arousal and feeling like a superhero and the sensation of the feel-good hormones wearing off,” Psychotherapist and sex therapist Phillip Hodson said.