We all know her for her voluptuous derriere and her sexy full figure.

Tanzanian Socialite and model Sanchoka got popular for her sexy poses and most are usually, almost nude.

But while she’s teased us with her apple bottom booty in lacy lingeries for the longest time, it has been with great curiosity that her male fans have searched vigorously for her nudes but to no avail. She’s been keeping it decent and private for the longest time.

Well not anymore.

On Thursday night, Sanchi got drunk and dirty. After sipping on a few bottles of Heineken with an unidentified male person who interviewed her drunk self as she opened up about wanting a man in her life on Snapchat.

This is how went down:It all started with a video of her drinking from a bottle of Heineken in nothing but a bra.

What ensued was a couple of photos of the beloved booty queen splendidly drunk and nude, looking beyond a balcony.

Check this out.