Men are unique and mysterious creatures. I will never understand them. And most women probably can’t either.

I’m pretty sure even men don’t understand each other, but they have the kind of camaraderie where they can just go along with whatever the next dude comes along with.

That said, just like the next girl, men have weird things which turn them on about women.

I asked a few of my friends, strangers on the internet and did some general research. Here are ten absurd things that turn guys on.

When she hasn’t showered yet

Guys get turned on by a woman’s smell without the deodorant or perfume. Especially when they’ve just woken up or after their morning workout.

When she showers

Whatever perfume, body lotion, body wash, and body musk that she wears, it’s guaranteed to be a turn on for him.

One guy told me that his girl once teased his neck with her scarf as she was leaving the cafeteria where they were hanging out and he had to remain seated for a while. A long while.

When she rocks a pant suit

Men say that there is something about the pant suit that is very arousing.

When she exposes the nape of her neck

Guys love it when their wives hold their hair up and wear something that exposes the neck. The nape of the neck always looks sensitive, right where the hair begins.

When she wears high heels

The click clack of the heels on wood or tiles turns men on. Especially when the sway of the hips is added to the equation.

When she trash talks

One friend said, “When bae and I are watching foota and she starts ranting about a bad play or an unfair call. Then she even switches to Swa or Kiuk and starts yelling at the TV. I don’t know why that turns me on.”

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When she gets bed head

Men find themselves aroused when their women wake up with their hair messy and bushy. Especially if the reason is due to any activities the previous night.

When she cries

I didn’t ask.

When she has beauty spots or stretch marks on her boobs

“When she has these cute lines on her boobs, I just want to trace them with my tongue.”

When she exposes her clavicles

The back is one part of the body that isn’t historically sexy but men find the exposure of the clavicles exciting. When they move because she is waving her hands or walking around, it just stirs feelings in them.