Does she always give excuses for not making love every other time? No matter how much you love someone, sometimes you are simply not in the mood.

Women in particular will give all sorts of excuses not to have sex with you probably because they do not want to hurt your feelings or they simply don’t like you. And since she cannot tell you directly that she does not feel like it, she will come up with a clever lie to put you off.

Here are some common lies women will tell when they do not want to get busy in the sheets:

1. I am tired

Maybe she has not been enjoying your game but she just does not know how best to express her disappointment. At the same time, she cares about your feelings and does not want to ruin your ego by pointing out your failures. In such cases, she may just feign tiredness to avoid bad sex.

2. Ouch, my head hurts

If she gives this excuse every other time, well, she is simply avoiding having sex with you. Honestly, she cannot always have a headache every time you mention about making love.

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3. I am on my periods

This is a very common lie that women will tell to avoid getting laid. She is simply playing with your psychology since she knows very well that you will not dare touch her when she is on her periods.

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4. UTI

UTIs can be very disturbing and honestly, the last thing any woman would want is sex when her girl parts are sick. But then, if she is always sick she might be lying to avoid sex.

5. I am not in the mood

She might actually be in the mood but does not want to do it with you. Probably she does not like your scent, breath or your game is simply way below what she likes. So if she is always not in the mood, you should try and find out what the problem could be.