A cervical orgasm is the kind that takes over the whole body. Called so since, it comes from stimulation of the cervix.

There are multiple types of orgasms. They are anal, vaginal, skin and now cervical.

The cervix is that super spongy bit of flesh at the farthest end from your vagina, it's like the gateway to the uterus.

To help your woman achieve cervical orgasm, consider the following.

This won’t work for all women

The cervical orgasm comes from a result of being filled.

A toy or penis occupies her through the vagina all the way to the cervix.

In some women this causes cramping and so may end up being unpleasant. But for others it causes an orgasm that takes over the entire body.

Start with clitoral stimulation

When you want your partner to have a mind melting orgasm, ensure your foreplay includes clitoral play. Make that nub swell and pulsate.

Play with other erogenous zones

The skin, nipples, or even toes. Play with them. Tease them with different stimulants. Ice cubes, feathers, tongues, fingers- use your imagination.

During penetration, go deep

When you finally get around to penetrative sex, either using an implement or your penis, ensure that you go as deep as you can. Ensure that her vagina is full, her clitoris is experiencing stimulation and she is still on the high from the earlier foreplay. Your speed should be dictated by her reactions.

The cervical orgasm has been described as an out-of-body experience. It feels deep, like it takes over the whole body. It occurs in deep waves so it’s not just one sensation.