6 easy ways to wake up early without struggle

Don’t snooze the alarm

Waking up early(Shutterstock)

How many times do you snooze the alarm before finally waking up? It’s not just you. Many people struggle waking up in the morning. You set the alarm knowing very well that you need to wake up at that time. But it’s never the case.

How about doing things a little bit different this year? Like let’s say you make waking up early one of your resolutions. It’s possible with these tips:

1. Put the alarm far from reach

Once you set the alarm at night, ensure you put if far away such that you will have to wake up to go and snooze it. That way, it will be difficult to go back to bed after you snooze it.

2. Know your sleep needs

Every person has different sleeping needs. Start by determining how much sleep your body needs. If you feel better after sleeping for 8 hours, then make sure you sleep early enough so as not to sleep for less than that.

3. Plan to do something you like every morning

If you don’t like going to the gym, then it won’t make you rise up early. The trick is to make sure you have an exciting thing to do every morning such that you look forward to waking up. If you love a certain morning radio show, you will have to wake up early so that you don’t miss it.

4. Set the alarm a minute earlier each day

Your body can’t just adjust immediately. If you have been waking up at 6:30 for instance, it will be difficult to adjust to 5 am for instance. So, set your alarm a minute or two earlier each day until you get to the target waking up time.

5. Never snooze

This is the hard way but it can still work with a lot of discipline. When you hear the alarm, make it a habit to get out of bed immediately.

6. Stick to the same time

If you wake up at 5 am, do it every day. That way, your body and mind will get adjusted to the routine. And with time, you will be getting up at the same time even without the alarm.


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